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Name:Multi Kink Memes
Posting Access:Anybody, Moderated
Community description:A home for kink memes
What is Multi Kink Meme?

A really big playground, emphasis on the play. Ever wished your fandom had a kink meme? Drop in here and start one. Or come hang out in the welcome post

1. Be excellent to each other. No kink-shaming, no starting wank for the hell of it, no putting down other people's fandoms. If there's a problem, contact me - I check my messages fairly regularly.
2. Anon comments allowed, logged-in comments allowed, OpenID comments allowed, the more the merrier.
3. All fandoms welcome, whether you're the biggest on the net or a book that was read by one English class back in 1958.
4. Please warn for triggers in your headers. Use your judgement there, but the basics are: non-con, dub-con, graphic violence, incest, underage sex, child abuse, drug use, eating disorders, and character death.
5. Prompts don't have to be kinky to qualify - kinks can be whatever you'd like to see in a fic. So Harry Dresden settling down in chaotic urban bliss with Gentleman Johnny is just as valid as Sean Bean being spanked with his own belt. It's up to you.

How to get your fandom on [community profile] multikinkmemes
1. Make a post. Please put the fandom's name in the title, and tag the post: "Fandom: [name]".
2. Submit. If we don't have the fandom already, I'll approve it ASAP. If we do, I'll link you to the original.

Where can I find a collected list of prompts and fills? Is there a Delicious?
Yes, there is! The MKM Delicious is here.
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